Salutogenesis Info


The model of salutogenesis deals with prevention, the emergence of health so that diseases do not break out in the first place.

Those who follow the principles of salutogenesis experience more coherence and coherence, joy of life and creativity; can have good, enriching conversations and resolve conflicts. In this way, we have good self-regulation that can sustain us even in illness and crisis.
The word “salutogenesis” is composed of “salus” (Latin, health) and “genesis” (Greek, origin). Aaron Antonovsky (1923-1994), an American-Israeli stress researcher and medical sociologist developed salutogenesis in the late 1970s as a counterpart to pathogenesis, which deals with the origin and development of diseases.
He highlighted three basic capabilities of salutogenesis:

– Understandability: being able to understand the interrelationships of life
– Manageability: the feeling of being able to shape one’s own life
– Meaningfulness: the feeling that everything has a meaning.

Those who manage to keep these abilities in balance in life experience a sense of coherence – of coherence – and thus remain healthy longer.

The doctrine of salutogenesis has identified factors that help us to make our lives more coherent and thus to stay mentally and physically healthier:

1. coherence: what do I need for myself now? What do I want my life to look like? How can I be authentic?
2. attractive health goals: How do I want to feel? What kind of exercise do I enjoy? How can I make healthy food delicious?
3. resources: What can I do and what do I enjoy? What fulfills me?
4. subject and subjective: I do not orient myself to what “one” does and what is the norm, but I look within myself at what I want.
5. systemic self-regulation: I am not a single being. What influence does my family, social or professional environment have on my well-being?
6. development and evolution: I can develop. I can learn and change.
7. possibilities: Principle of both/and. I can be sick and still have a zest for life. Or healthy and sad. And everything is all right