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Super Premium Matcha Ten is a limited edition of Japan’s first-class organic matcha tea. It has a sweet yet mild, light, fruity, fresh and intense flavour. Its tantalisingly beautiful and luminous jade green colour gives you a foretaste of its fine fragrance. Ten offers excellent quality of organic matcha tea.

You can of course use this luxury matcha to refine your cooking and drinks, though we recommend drinking it on its own. The high quality of the matcha makes it ideal for preparing koicha, which requires the addition of just a little water. Matcha lovers enjoy their koicha very thick.

Are you wanting to surprise a matcha connoisseur with an extra-special present? Super Premium Matcha Ten lets you give green power in one of its most exclusive form. You could even put together a special matcha gift set with a fine matcha bowl and high quality bamboo whisk.

To prepare Super Premium Matcha Ten, boil fresh and preferably soft water. Let the water cool to 80°C (for example, by pouring the water back and forth between cups three times or by opening the kettle and waiting 10 minutes). Place 1 gram of Matcha Ten (two bamboo scoops or half a tea spoon) in a matcha bowl. Whisk the matcha for about 15 seconds until frothy using the bamboo whisk. Find out more about how to prepare matcha here. Matcha Ten can also be used to prepare koicha. To do this, add just a little water to the matcha to taste.


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Image courtesy of Lilianna Heitmann | Salutogenese Institut