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Premium Matcha Horai is the pride of our organically grown teas; a rare, high quality matcha product. It is mild, sweet, with a delicate aftertaste and luminous emerald green colour. In Japanese mythology, the name is given to the “blessed island”. Premium Matcha Horai is the ideal tea for connoisseurs, granting you your own “blessed” relaxation.

The quality of Horai is so fine that we recommend you enjoy it on its own. Its fine flavour makes it the ideal matcha for preparing koicha, a stronger version of matcha. To prepare it, simply add a little water to the matcha. You can even serve it thickened form. The higher bitter content of lower-cost beginners’ products makes them unsuitable for making koicha.

You can order Premium Matcha Horai in a 30-gram tin from our matcha shop. You can also put together you own matcha set by ordering it with the matching matcha bowl and high quality chasen, i.e. traditional bamboo whisk.

To prepare Premium Matcha Horai, boil fresh and preferably soft water. Let the water cool to 80°C (for example, by pouring the water back and forth between cups three times or by opening the kettle and waiting 10 minutes). Place 1 gram of Horai matcha (two bamboo scoops or half a tea spoon) in a matcha bowl. Whisk the matcha for about 15 seconds until frothy using the bamboo whisk. Find out more about how to prepare matcha here. Matcha Horai can also be used to prepare koicha. To do this, add just a little water to the matcha to taste.


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Image courtesy of Lilianna Heitmann | Salutogenese Institut