Mindfulness is about being fully immersed in the present.
One of the reasons this is so important is because life is speaking to us right now, offering crucial guidance and insight underneath our racing thoughts.
Not yesterday or tomorrow. Right now … Tune in.
In turbulent times in particular, it’s important and valuable to observe your own thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness techniques can help us to strengthen our inner peace. That’s why I offer mindfulness workshops and individual coaching here in my Lucerne practice or by phone or e-mail. I look forward to it!

Mindfulness has been called a powerful form of self-healing by many teachers and practitioners. How this process creates healing is part mystery and part grace. Somehow in a slow, hidden way, we’re able to be with the depths of ourselves…our true natures, our souls; while at the same time observing our thoughts and feelings and not becoming caught up in them.


Image courtesy of Lilianna Heitmann | Salutogenese Institut
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