My goal is to activate your strengths and resources, empowering you to discover fitting and sustainable solutions for your concerns and implement them effectively. As your guide, I gently facilitate your connection with your own creative power, heart energy, and the wellspring of your emotional healing. Within a safe and nurturing space, you’ll have the opportunity to uncover your unique and innate competence.

Are you curious about yourself and your personal journey? I am here to support you in your growth, development, and healing. Who am I truly beyond all my defense mechanisms, fears, and self-imposed limitations? How can I reconnect with myself, my zest for life, and the yet undiscovered wellsprings of strength and potential?

Together, we create a space for transformative experiences where you can delve into deep layers of your physical and emotional existence. Here, you can forge new paths and allow genuine change to unfold.

Do you find yourself questioning your life, facing health, career, family, or creative challenges, feeling emotionally or mentally unbalanced?

Is fear or panic a significant presence in your life?

Do recurring issues with your partner, family, or workplace arise?

Are you grappling with difficulties in your sexuality or seeking insights into your illness?

With compassion and wisdom, I accompany you on the journey to self-discovery. You have the opportunity to find answers to your questions and clarify significant situations in your life.

Body-centered experiential approaches such as Focusing and shamanic journeys complement each other, leading to new insights and self-healing.

“In yourself, you can find a powerful, uncharted kingdom where you can live in peace if you so desire.” – Russel H. Conwell

Feel free to reach out and embark on this transformative journey towards self-awareness and fulfillment.