About Me

Since 1995 I have been working as a consultant, Ayurvedic nutrition therapist, meditation teacher, relaxation therapist and personality coach in my own practice. My focus is on the holistic view of the clients with their potentials and resources.

As an experienced consultant I accompany you through upheaval situations and life crises and support you in your personal growth process.

Are you curious about yourself and your personal path ? I accompany you supportively in your maturation, development and healing.
Who am I really behind all my protective mechanisms, fears and self-imposed blockages ?
How can I come to myself, to my love of life and the still undiscovered sources of strength and potential?

Together we create space for healing experiences, where you come into contact with deep layers of your physical and spiritual life. Here you can strike out on new paths and let real change happen.

You are asking yourself questions about your life, you are in a dead end/orientation phase healthwise, professionally, familially or creatively ?

You feel emotionally or mentally unbalanced ?

Anxiety or panic plays a big role in your life ?

Problems with your partner, family or work environment occur again and again ?

Your sexuality is difficult ?

You would like to know the background of your illness ?

I accompany you with heart and mind on the way to yourself. You have the opportunity to find answers to your questions, to clarify important situations in your life.

“People say what we are all looking for is meaning and significance to life. I don’t think that’s what we’re looking for. What we are looking for is the experience of being alive. And in such a way that the experience of being alive on the physical plane at the same time touches our innermost being and our innermost reality, and we feel the ecstasy of being alive. That’s what it’s all about!” – Joseph Campbell